Kennel Tamilan Japaninpystykorvat

Mia Hautala
Ojahuhtalantie 19
29600 Noormarkku

tel. 0400-013430

Ajankohtaista 2023

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Tamilan Umi-Chan
Sert juniori-sert JMVA Nord Sert Rop Tampere Nord 29.4

Tamilan Aamuhalla juniori-sert Sert Vsp Seinäjoki 26.3. ja juniori-sert Sert Vaasa Kv 15.4

Tamilan Aamurusko
Sert juniori-Sert VSP Rop-juniori BIS-3 juniori
Jalostuspäivä erikoisnäyttely Kuopio 29.1.23


Tamilan Umi-Chan uusi FI JMVA 29.4.23


Päivitetty/Update 4.5.2023


Käyntejä kotisivuilla:537504 kpl

Kennel Tamilan
Japanese Spitz in Finland since 1989

Vuolasvirta award no 621

Mia and C.I.B Tamilan Only One our special show 2012

Kennel Tamilan is a small kennel situated in Noormarkku (20 km from Pori). My breeding is in small scale where we mostly have 1-2 litter per year. Our dogs are our family members and live in our everyday life.

At my profession Im a nurse. In our family includes my husband Markus and our daughters Milja (born 2000) and Mariia (born 2001) and little boy Lauri who born 2011. We live in countryside in our own house where the dogs have plenty of space to run and play.

I got my kennelname Tamilan when I was 18 years old (that was the first possible age to have a kennelname, kennelclub rules). Tamilan name comes from my broodbitch Tamikos name. Before I have the kennelname I bred 2 litters, first litter was born 1989. So far I have bred 29 litters. My goal is to breed sound, good temperaments and healthy Japanese spitzes. I have bred 22 champions and many CAC winners. Look at our champions and winners here.

Since 1988 I have been member of Finnish Kennelclub and from year 1989 a member in Finnish Japanese Spitz Association. Since year 2002 I have been a boardmember in FJSA and since 2003 member in our breedingcommité. Year 2006 I have been honoured to receive FJSA's bronze badge of merit for activity for the club. At same year I have receive Finnish Kennelclubs Vuolasvirta award for meritorious breeding.